Say goodbye to upper lip hair

Hair is a natural thing in human or animal body. Hair prevents us from winters and help in perspiration in summer and facial hair are no exception. There are lots of tiny pores that work to protect our skin form dust and pollution. But in women upper lip hair can reduce your beauty. It is not always about your beauty or looks, everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive it helps in building confidence and upper lip hair can be a reason in lowering your confidence. There are lots of chemical products available in the market but that products can also damage your skin can cause infection also. But we have some miraculous and awesome remedies for upper lip hair removal. Just try it once and you will definitely feel happy. There are so many options like threading and other wax available but now you can also get off from upper lip hair problem easily. It is one of the best time saver solutions of these problems specially for working women’s.

Take one tablespoon of turmeric and add it in milk and apply this mixture on your lips and wait until it dries up. Remove that coating with your fingers in the opposite direction in which your hair grow. You will get a shiny and smooth skin in just few minutes. You can also use turmeric with water also and follow the same steps. Continue doing this for four weeks and you can get rid of those hairs permanently. Take one egg white and mix it well with gram flour and sugar until it forms a sticky paste. Apply that paste on your upper lip area and let it dry. After 30 minutes, remove that coat gently. You can see that the results are always amazing for you.

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